Amanda J.M. Dow    


COP pound kill Everblue Springs pound kill Hinton Area Small Worksite Upper Lovett Campsite Bone Flesher Triptych of Technology Approach to Nezu site EgPn-506 Campsite St. Mary's Horses Quarry of the Ancestors Mammoth Kill Grandview Alberta Clovis COP campsite Hafted Scraper Tidal Weir Fishing Herring Raking Cedar Plank Splitting Sea Spearing Bark Stripping Charlie Lake Stake Pounding The Flintknapper Bipoint Cobble Bipoint Billet Bipoint Bear Quarry of the Ancestors2 Simonson Ambush Quarry of the Ancestors 3 Fort Edmonton and Fort Augustus IV EgPn-453 Hearth Feature Stone Boiling Holey Moccasin Icehouse Ground View Icehouse Subterranean View Psoralea Esculenta McLean Creek Ice Patch Hunting Stables at the Forks Cluny Kitimat River Dart Thrower Ochre Making Seed grinding Bone marrow procurement Meat drying Shell bead making Bone boiling Promontory Cave Calgary Timeline