Amanda J.M. Dow    

I am by profession an archaeologist and currently work throughout beautiful Alberta. The best fringe benefit of the job is getting to go outside during all times of the year, in all sorts of weather, in all kinds of settings, digging some holes, and finding some old stuff. Rarely does the public hear about what we find, and I think itís essential that the story behind these sites and collections be known. I have completed series of scientific illustrations to accompany artifact descriptions that appear in final reports, as well as various conceptualizations that show what events and occurrences may have been taking place at archaeological sites at a given time. These illustrations have been used in reports, media releases, posters, advertising, and museum displays.

Of course, between digging the square holes, I find inspiration for paintings and other fictionalizations. I have served as principal illustrator on two books in the Young Heroes of North America series (Heartland Books) and contributing illustrator in five other travel/guidebooks. Iím always looking for new subjects and new challenges.

If you have any questions or would like permission to use any images used within, please let me know (see contact information) as most are protected by copyright.

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